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Step 2 CS Patient Note

by admin target 13 Sep 2017


Step 2 cs patient note has been the one critical factor that has kept many doctors from passing the usmle step 2 cs exam. Ever since the ECFMG changed the format of the USMLE step 2 CS exam in June 2012 many students including USA trained graduates are failing the ICE component of which patient note is one aspect


New Patient Note (2012)

by admin target 19 Jul 2017

In mid 2012, the pattern of the patient note writing for the USMLE Step 2 CS exam changed.


Doorway info – should I write it down?

by admin target 18 May 2017

Do I have to copy everything? Not all, but some essentials. Let's see what they are ……Say you glanced at the doorway information saying " A 60 year old male Sang Lee comes to ER with loss of consciousness. BP 150/80 mm Hg , PR – 80/min, RR 14/min T 99.8 F ".