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Step 2 CS Patient Note

by admin target 13 Sep 2017


Step 2 cs patient note has been the one critical factor that has kept many doctors from passing the usmle step 2 cs exam. Ever since the ECFMG changed the format of the USMLE step 2 CS exam in June 2012 many students including USA trained graduates are failing the ICE component of which patient note is one aspect (Data gathering is the other).

The main change was in the step 2 cs patient note where the examinee was asked to come up not only with 3 differential diagnosis but to substantiate their diagnosis with history and physical exam findings. This presents a new challenge to the doctors who need to be attentive for these clues during their stressful time bound 15 min encounter. Step 2 cs patient note requires for the doctor to have good typing skills which many of the international medical graduates and doctors are not adept with.

The step 2 cs patient note is corrected by the physician. There are 2 things that you need to know to write an excellent step 2 cs patient note a) What to type? b) How to type in 10 min time? Both these critical factors are taught in a step by step manner with many tricks and tips in Target USMLE�s Online video tutorial program: 7 Easy steps 2 CS.

Furthermore, to help you achieve your goal of typing step 2 cs patient note in 10 min we have built an interface akin to the real exam where you can practice typing the cases you practice with your cs study partners. You may start off typing step 2 cs patient note in 13 min but eventually with practice you can tune it to under 10 min. Our unique step 2 cs patient note typing interface helps you to time yourself and gives you a warning at the end of 8 min saying you have 2 min left and lets you email a copy to your personal email inbox so that you can send it for correction. Its free! Start practicing step 2 cs patient note in 10 minutes before you actually take the usmle step 2 cs exam.