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  • What is a blue sheet?

    12 A4 size sheets that are blue in color are given at the beginning of your CS exam clipped onto a clipboard. They can be used to record vital information from patient, write mnemonics, write differentials. The sheet has to be returned to the proctor after each encounter but it is not graded.

  • What are the details provided in the Doorway information?

    The name, age, sex, vital signs (BP, Pulse, Respiratory Rate and Temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit) are displayed along with instructions of do’s and don’ts during the encounter. You are requested to take a focused history and do a focused physical examination but not allowed to do any internal exams like pelvic, rectal or breast exam. If it is minor patient information regarding consent is also written in the doorway information.

  • Why students fail ICE?

    Recently many students have been failing the ICE component. Both IMGs and AMGs. ICE is a four step process: THINK, ASK, WRITE & TYPE. Check out coaching classes to learn more about this process. 99% of our students pass the ICE with high scores. One has to recognize the ICE is graded by the physician who corrects the Patient notes and a small portion comes in comes the SP’s judgement of your physical examination.