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  • What is STEP 2 CS?

    Step 2 Clinical Skills (Step 2 CS) is one of the USMLE exams required as a pre requisite for getting ECFMG certified in the United States. Passing the Step 2 CS along with Step 1 (Basic Sciences) and Step 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge) gets your ECFMG Certified which allows you to be recognized as a physician in the USA. Most residency programs require it as a pre-requisite before getting into residency. You also need to be ECFMG certified for taking the USMLE Step 3.

  • When is it offered?

    Step 2 CS is offered throughout the year except for a few days. Two sessions are available for you to pick in a day a.m. or p.m.

  • How long is the Step 2 CS exam?

    The step 2 CS exam lasts for about 8 hours

  • What am I expected to do during the CS exam?

    You are asked to examine a standardized patient in a clinical setting for 15 minutes and type patient note for 10 min. There will be 12 cases overall. Information about each case will be displayed outside the door (Doorway information). You will have breaks after a couple of cases in a row. For example 5 - break - 4 - break - 3 cases (or) 3-3-3-3 cases