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  • Is it better to study alone or with a partner?

    Definitely with a study partner for this particular exam. One can act as a doctor and the other as a patient

  • There is so much material out there? Which one to pick?

    Pick a material that suits your style of reading and preparing. There are many books out there but who is going to test you to see if that material worked per se? When you go to coaching classes they dump their material on top of what you already used as the standard material everyone follows. There is so much repetition, confusion and not an organized approach to this time pressured exam. At Target USMLE we have a system which offers you the material ( CS handbook & Online video tutorial) and the assessments (Assess my Prep & Patient note correction) at a personal level and we also give you mock exams (Online and Live) to get the real feel of the exam. That why we call it the one stop solution to Step 2 CS. Do it once! Do it right!

  • What is the best way to study for CS?

    Right material. Right coach with experience of at least 5 years not one who has just cleared the exam! Right partner, who follows the same methodology and who is in the same phase of prep and medical knowledge as you. Otherwise it would be a big waste of time. Then ‘practice, practice practice’ after learning the right way to do each case.