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Clinical Skills Handbook

Why Should I Pick Up The CS Handbook?

  • I am looking for a simple organized approach to Clinical Skills
  • I want to be confident to present ANY case in OSCE/USCE
  • I need to be organized in my approach to the patient from start to finish
  • I just need the essentials & right methodology.
  • I have very little time & need a quick read
  • I need to know how to write a good patient note
  • If I need to master Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • If you said β€˜Yes’ to any of the above click below

Amazon Reader Review

"Thank you Dr. Mary June! I wish I had read your book earlier; I bought the Kindle version. The way this handbook is laid out is very helpful in the study process; No other resource that I had purchased had outlines like this. I also joined Dr. June's online free webinar in which she explained the process transitioning from basic sciences to Clinical Skills - the right approach to a patient. The manual gave me a lot of reassurance in my Clinical knowledge and how to apply it practically to a patient. I hope it helps you as much as it did for me!"

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