In Him I Trust

(MD’s practice as SPs)

Tele - practice with Target SP’s 1-on -1

  • 15 minutes case practice online
  • 15 minutes review /critique
  • Review of Data gathering- Why questions were missed?
  • CIS fine tuning (student will be on video mode)
  • Spoken English & grammar correction (SEP for IMGs)
  • Time saving tips
  • Telemedicine interviewing skills
  • Expert advice & Time savers
Practice makes it perfect! Ace CS 100% confident !

Telerotations Online Practice. Anywhere. Any device. Any time!

  • Learn how to practice cases in the telemedicine format
  • Forgetting important questions?
  • Lack of exposure to a variety of cases?
  • Feel like you are not improving with practice?
  • More importantly, are you doing it right?.
Practice with CS experts. Get advice and time saving tips. Correct your mistakes before your exams!


40 CASES :

$999 Buy Now

20 CASES :

$550 Buy Now

How do I schedule my practice?
Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the way students learn Clinical Skills into a Telemedicine model where the students do Online Clinical Tele Rotations. Target USMLE has been the No.1 Program offering Online Clinical Skills encounters with great success stories from students over 120+ countries. Very simple! Give us a call and tell us when you are available. You will be scheduled at mutually convenient times with SPs for practice (1 hr/day). SP will be waiting online on Skype ("Telehealth" CS practice) for you to practice at the scheduled time! Practice various systems and special cases. New cases are added to database every month. CS Expert review on Data Gathering, SEP & CIS at the end of the presentation. Improve your data gathering, timing, speed, spoken English and confidence!
ALL in ONE!!! Our goal is to make you the BEST physician you can be!


Common Questions & Answers

  • Why do I need a study partner for CS?

    Practicing with a live Standardized patient can be intimidating for young medical students. So most students go through CS study material and when they think they are ready usually practice with other colleagues to present cases and check if they missed any questions and if they were under the 15 min time limit. They usually take turns role playing as doctor and patient.

  • What are the common problems faced when choosing an online study partner to practice?

    First of all you have no idea what their background medical knowledge is, spoken English proficiency and what stage of CS prep they are in. If you practice with a beginner you might be wasting time or if you are practicing with a person who is almost ready for the exam it can ruin your confidence when you don’t present as well as they do. More importantly both the partners can be practicing it wrong as they are in the same boat.

  • What is special about Target USMLE SP’s?

    Well, for one they are professionally trained SPs. They have all been trained by Dr Mary June who has trained thousands of students for Clinical Skills for the past 10 years and helped them pass their ICM and OSCE Exams. They not only practice with you and mechanically tell you what Questions you missed but WHY you missed and HOW you can remember them and not miss in the real exam. They also watch you on video for the CIS component and correct pronunciation /grammar. They time you and give amazing tips how to finish cases on time. Last but not the least they analyze your pattern of thinking as you ask your questions and can figure where you went off course on your line of questioning in figuring out you differential diagnosis. (This doesn’t occur in a group courses or live center sessions)

  • What are the advantages of practicing with Target USMLE VOICE SP’s?

    1. The timing is at a mutually convenient schedule. No more waiting for your SP’s wondering if they will turn up
    2. It is online – so you can work from anywhere in the world
    3. Practice from any device
    4. Professional advice to help you train for Clinical Skills the right way and get YOU 100% confidence to face the CS exam.
    5.  Personalized for your weaknesses & strengths.