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Step 2 CS scheduling

by admin target 27 Sep 2017


Step 2 cs schedule for taking the step 2 cs exam is available online at It is important that you plan your exam date precisely as per the step 2 cs schedule It is especially important for International medical graduates ( IMGs) to take into consideration not just the step 2 cs schedule, but arrange for visa, flight tickets, score reporting dates, probably search for clerkships in hospitals/ universities that they can complete while they are visiting the United States.

The step 2 cs schedule helps as a guideline for medical graduates and doctors to plan their step 2 cs exam date in such a way that they get their score reports on time to appear for the match. A lot of thought needs to go in while looking at the step 2 cs schedule because the score reporting takes longer than it takes for step 1 or step 2 ck. While everyone wants to pass step 2 cs in the first attempt, some students find themselves missing out on the match because they did not plan on failing the first time!

The step 2 cs schedule allows examinees to book for their exam date for upto 1 year time frame eligibility in any of the 5 cities that the exam is offered after which the step 2 cs scheduling permit expires. Strategically looking at the step 2 cs schedule, one should plan for a retake of the exam just in case they did not make it the first time. Typically the Step 2 cs schedule shows a testing period over a span of ~ 2 months and a score reporting period of ~3 weeks time. Plan to take the exam based on the score reporting period and give room for a retake, well ahead in time for the application timeline for the match. Most examinees will receive their score report on the first Wednesday of the score reporting period but the test takers who took it in the latter part of the testing period may not get it until later but within the reporting period. So plan well ahead of time!