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How to Sail Through With The Proper Step 2 CS Preparation

by admin target 11 Oct 2017


Step 2 CS is basically designed to test your ability to perform in a practical environment. Students are tested on written and verbal skills as well as the ability to carry out physical examinations and taking a proper medical history. With adherence to a few strategies during Step 2 CS preparation, a student will be adequately equipped to tackle the test.

As with any test, the first step is to understand the system and what is specifically required to pass the exam. Usmle Step 2 CS is generally divided into Spoken English Proficiency, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, and Integrated Clinical Encounter. A thorough understanding of what is required marks the first strategy for Step 2 CS preparation.

The next strategy is to familiarize yourself with helpful resources. One reliable source of reading material is Target Usmle. The website offers Step 2 CS preparation material in the form of video tutorials, online courses, online mock exams, professional exam tips, and even a live CS boot camp. Target Usmle emphasizes on a personalized approach and full support until the examination date. Students can also take on additional resources such as First Aid along with the Target USMLE course. There are also various books out there like Kaplan that contain sample test cases and all vital information that may be useful.

As we all know, practice makes perfect. During a Step 2 CS preparation, it is crucial for students to practice with as many cases as possible since the exam is focused on precision. Live or online courses offered by Target Usmle should come in handy. These courses offer great support on CIS, SEP and ICE components. Students may also practice with peers who serve as patients. It is important to carry out a full simulation of the exam scenario before taking on the real exam itself. This strategy would entail typing up patient notes, timing yourself, and dressing in the respective roles. Fortunately, Target USMLE has a mock exam that can assess the student's performance on the real exam. Finally, approach the exam day with confidence and ready to play the role of a doctor.