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The Criteria for Passing The STEP 2 CS Exams

step 2 cs preparation

USMLE Steps 2 cs exam assesses the examinee's ability to apply their medical knowledge towards a controlled clinical setting.

It tests examinees ability to think and act as a physician. They will be greeting, interviewing, physically examining, counseling, and writing patient notes. They will be highly tested on how they gather information, empathize, communicate their outcomes to patients, and perform physical exams. A lot of students feel that the step 2 cs exam is a mystery. Fortunately, it is not, and there are straightforward criteria that are crucial for students in passing the exam.

1) Excellent communication with SP
It is highly required to properly greet the patient, wash your hands, put on gloves, and empathize. It is important that IMG students are aware of certain pronunciations and can speak clearly during the step 2 cs exam. SP are given the checklist to grade students based on their interactions. If the sp does not like the student's performance, they can easily fail the student.

2) Thorough Counseling is a Requirement
This is an important step, and a lot of points are placed on it. Even if the student does not finish the physical examination or the interviewing portion, it is highly recommended that they complete the counseling portion. Completion of the counseling portion in all the cases can guarantee a passing score despite mediocre interview and physical exams.

3) Excellent Patient Notes
Step 2 cs exam places a lot of emphasis on the patient notes. It is worth a big chunk of the exam. Certain areas on the patient notes are worth more such as Differential diagnosis, lab order, and history taking. It is advisable to complete these in chronological order: 1) differential diagnosis 2) lab orders 3)patient history 4) physical examinations. Keep in mind that the step 2 cs exam understands that there is no such thing as a definite diagnosis. As long as you have evidence to back up your differential diagnosis, then you are good to go.