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Where can I get an assessment for Step 2 CS?

by admin target 04 Sep 2018


It can be frustrating to know that the NBME website does not offer a Step 2 CS assessment exam. It’s totally unfair since they have step 1 and step 2 CK, but why not Step 2 CS? If you think about it, it makes sense. Step 2 CS involves seeing 12 patients, interviewing, physical examination, counseling, and writing patient notes. How will the NBME be able to test the student's progress on the computer?

Lucky for you, there is an online assessment available that will help determine if you are ready for the USMLE Step 2 CS exam. Target USMLE provide a thorough and accurate assessment that is conducted online. You will be assigned a couple of cases that must be completed at a certain amount of time. An SP (who is an MD) will be on the computer with you to go through these cases. You will conduct the interview, counseling, physical examination, patient notes, and everything that is required. At the end of the assessment exam, your patient notes will be graded and returned to you within 24 hours. You will also obtain an overall result that will reveal your strength and weakness. After that, based on your performance, they will let you know if you will pass or fail the exam.

What does this do for you? Often times, students will practice with each other and memorize methods from various review books or courses. They won't know if they are doing the whole process correctly. What students don't know is that the examination follows a certain guideline to determine if the student pass or fail. The guidelines will assess how you greet the patient, your empathy level, your English proficiency, the way you do a physical exam, interviewing abilities, confidence, washing your hands, patient notes, and much more. When you do an assessment with Target USMLE, you will be judged on exact same guidelines that the actual exam will use to determine your fate. So my question is, if we can provide a way to for you to take control of your destiny, then why not take the chance immediately? Sign up for a personal assessment here