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Should I Sit or Stand during the encounter?

by admin target 22 Mar 2017


This is a common question I get asked by my students. Well, its really up to you……..if it is an emergency you want to be standing while taking history but otherwise, in my opinion, I think sitting during the encounter is a better option… Here are the reasons…… Please see if it makes sense to you personally …... 1. It is a long exam….the fatigue factor and the tension/stress of the exam will take its toll on you (at least during the last stretch of the exam). When you sit down you are a little more relaxed (creates a rapport as patient feels more at ease that you are not rushing through), easy on your feet (not giving orthostatic hypotension a chance!) and also, you can sit more professionally : sitting tall, shoulders held back, maybe criss-cross your leg if you are comfortable that way. 2. Sitting helps you to hold your clip pad better as you can rest it on your thighs. For those of you who can't read their own handwriting (most of the time)… to the clip pad and sitting posture can make a world of a difference! 3. The drape is folded and kept on the seat. Now, you're not going to sit on it before you drape the patient, right? • I suggest that you sit about an arms-length away from the patient (of course asking his/her permission before you sit down). • Maintain direct eye contact at all times except briefly to scribble on your blue sheet. Remember that the Patient (SP) is more important than your clip board! • Last but not the least ………DON'T GET TOO COZY SITTING…….it shouldn't slow down your speed……..All you got is 15 minutes and the CLOCK is ticking whether you are sitting or standing !!!!