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by admin target 28 May 2019


Before you begin browsing the internet for CS courses these are 4 things you should know. 1. Know that Step 2 CS cannot be mastered in 3 or 4 or 5 days course. The course can download all the information but YOU got to get ready by a) knowing what is the right method i.e one that gets you a ICE, SEP & CIS PASS b) practicing with SPs c) get used to analyzing the DDs under time pressure d) finally to be able to pull it off by typing patient note (that gets an ICE pass) within the time limit. 2. Make sure you get personalized attention - whether they correct your case presentation (not in groups of 4 or 5 or 20 ) and your patient note in a detailed manner 3. Can the course give you feedback on your weaknessness and strengths and make YOU better for the final day! 4. Do they monitor your progress till exam day ? Target USMLE personal coaching - complete comprehensive course ( is designed in such a way that your have a personal tutor to come along your entire CS prep over 2 or 4 weeks depending on your exam date. All the CS material you need to have to make CS prep easy (online video tutorial + 4 star rated CS handbook ) in 7 simple steps. First Aid is a good book but Target USMLE make it simple to operate in the exam under pressure. We understand it is not about mastering the material which many students are good at cramming books but the question is can you perform under time pressure. Our expert MDs practice as SP with you over 6 different hours (1 hr/day) spread over the study period , give you a personal feedback , monitor your progress, watch you type Patient note, give tips to save time and correct each students weakness. At half the price! Many students go for expensive courses and then are still not confident and join our CCC course. Cannot come for live sessions ?– no worries our CCC online course on SKYPE has a 97% pass rate. Need hands on practice – Our NY centre in Manhattan is open for live practice – one day workshops on Saturday. Try out a free assessment and check out whichever stage of CS prep you are (Beginner, Midday or Almost there!). The important thing is to get CS done right. Book your spot now and get CS done right the first time!