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ECFMG step 2 cs

by admin target 20 Sep 2017


Ecfmg step 2 cs bulletin is published well ahead of time - the previous year for international medical graduates (IMG) to plan your trip to the USA to take this unique exam. You should plan your exam dates/year according to the current ecfmg step 2 cs bulletin of the year you plan to take the exam.

ECFMG step 2 cs test centres are in 5 cities: Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. These centers are booked several months ahead by doctors across the world and hence you need to plan in advance.

The current 2015 ecfmg step 2 cs exam fee is 1505 USD for a one year eligibility period. You may reschedule the ecfmg step 2 cs exam any time within the eligibility period but if you have to cancel within a 14 day period you are charged a fee. Ecfmg step 2 cs rescheduling fee is 400 USD if you cancel between 3 - 14 days. If you cancel the ecfmg step 2 cs exam 2 days before your scheduled date you will be charged $625. If you cancel 1 day prior to your ecfmg step 2 exam date or miss your appointment you will be paying 1250 when you reschedule (updated information at

Instead of postponing the ecfmg step 2 cs exam due to deficient prep or lack of confidence you might as well invest the rescheduling fee amount in getting yourself trained to face this exam confidently. Taking group classes doesn�t give a perspective on how YOU are performing. Moreover choosing a coaching class few days in a row and then appearing for a mock exam at the end of it will be more of a drill than actually getting trained for the real exam.

Most students who passed agree that it takes time and practice to get the ecfmg step 2 cs exam done with confidence. Learn the right methods from experts who have trained many, imbibe and practice it with cs study partners, time yourself to see if you can do it, get assessed if you are covering all elements of data gathering and patient note. Think logically before you sign up and spend thousands of dollars on live coaching if you are taking the exam very close to your training. It doesn�t stop with the coaching fee but flight tickets to the centre, accommodation and food for the duration of the course. ECFMG step 2 cs exam preparation is a process of getting yourself trained to take a focused history and physical exam in a time pressured environment under stressful conditions! Get ready the right way and get it done the first time around!