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Clinical Rotation & CS

by admin target 17 Nov 2017


Every aspiring medical practitioner knows how crucial the USMLE Step 2 CS exam is. Still, there are many students that tend to underestimate the many aspects of this exam. You would most certainly want to pass it on your very first attempt. Needless to say, proper planning is critical if you are to make it to the finish line.

Be aware that the exam is graded as either pass or fail. While it does have a high passing rate, this causes a lot of students to take things for granted, which paves the way to leniency. As a result, they end up coming in ill-prepared on the big day.

Managing your time is a crucial part of getting the passing grade for the exam. You need to learn the practical skills required of you in actual clinical rotations. Brushing up on the things that you need to do when seeing a patient, diagnosing, and making notes about the visit will be critical to passing the exam.

A good way to manage your time when prepping up for the exam is to first know the format. Familiarize yourself with the do's and don'ts and the time limits involved while making sure that you showcase your clinical competency. Read a lot so you know how to handle different cases. It cannot be emphasized enough how you need to practice too.

It would help to take advantage of online resources offered by sites like Target USMLE. Unlike other courses that require you to have to spend time getting to and from an actual classroom, the course is conducted online. This means that you can go through the course from the convenience of your own home. It allows you to learn and practice at your most convenient time.

Remember that the USMLE Step 2 CS exam is a way for you to showcase how efficient your clinical rotation skills are. With proper practice and effective time management skills, getting that passing rate should be easy.