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10 kick starters CS robot!

by admin target 14 Jun 2017


Oh yes!…….you are a Robot at "certain times" of the patient encounter. Some things are to be done routinely for every case. For example the entry and introductory part (except for changing the last name of the patient), the PAMHUGS FOSS (the questions you ask are the same, the answers may be different from patient to patient). Therefore, from an examinee's perspective you have to be so fluent and proficient in these sections that it should flow as if it were your second nature. No awkwardness or fumbling in these sections of the patient encounter. So, let's find out how to go about the initial introductory sentences/procedures to impress the SP. Shall we? There are 10 things to be done in order …..and each of them gets graded! 10 KICK STARTERS FOR THE CS ROBOT: You may want to remember it 2 at a time. BEFORE ANYTHING–TAKE A DEEP BREATH–dont undermine the value of its relaxing power! 1. KNOCK KNOCK (Recall patient's last name before knocking) —- 2) Enter SMILING 3) Mz/Mr……… – 4) I am Dr………… (first patient name then your name)physician at this hospital. Nice to meet you. 5). Shake hands and 6) Eye contact with patient (3,4,5 &6 are done together) 7) When you hear the Chief complaints (after you have asked How can I help you) 8) I am so sorry to hear that (empathy!) 9) DRAPE (as you say "Can I make you more comfortable") 10) SIT DOWN on the Stool ("Do you mind if I sit down and take some notes") All 10 come with practice – in reality in the exam you hardly remember to do these – it becomes natural while your mind is racing on the questions for history of present illness. Without even thinking, after knocking you should realize you are sitting – you know what I mean, right? P.S. Remember the patient is forming his first opinion about the new doctor who just entered in the room in these initial few seconds………we want him/her to be impressed, dont we? Practice , practice, practice…… till these 10 kickstarters are your very own !