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Pocket Questions – what are they?

by admin target 20 Apr 2017

I know we are all expected to enter the room, greet the SP and carry out a smooth co- ordinated encounter. Wouldn't we all like to be fluent, coherent, well modulated, asking the next question without missing a beat (though our heart is skipping beats),


Should I Sit or Stand during the encounter?

by admin target 22 Mar 2017

This is a common question I get asked by my students. Well, its really up to you……..if it is an emergency you want to be standing while taking history but otherwise, in my opinion, I think sitting during the encounter is a better option… Here are the reasons…… Please see if it makes sense to you personally …...


The Most Vital Minute in the 15 min encounter

by admin target 08 Mar 2017

What is the most important minute of your 15 minutes patient encounter? Any guesses? In my opinion the most important minute is the time spent outside the door! Why? Here are the reasons………