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Tele CS Tutor Course

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Imagine having an expert coach alongside when you prepare for CS! Our MDs with many years of experience teach and guide you through CS preparation effectively and even practice with you as an SP and give personalized feedback. You are not lost in a classroom of 20 students or more. Start from scratch. No prep needed. Get ready to pass CS the First time in just 30 days !


What do I get in a Tele CS course?

A. Online Video Tutorials (30 Days Access)

  • STEP1: Standard CS Encounter – You learn from scratch how to start
  • STEP2: History taking organ system wise
  • STEP 3: Physical examination – system wise (under 4 mins)
  • STEP 4: Differential Diagnosis- All of CK in easy tabular format
  • STEP 5: Full encounter 15 min - See how it is done!
  • STEP 6: Patient Notes- system wise samples & video demo

B. CS e-Handbook (30 days access)

  • Best Rated CS Review Handbook on Amazon.
  • All you need to know about CS in one place
  • System wise History, PE checklists
  • Patient note , Challenging Questions Samples
  • Practical Concise Aid for Performance on the Real exam

C. Six Online Tele-CS Encounters with MDs on SKYPE

(1 hr/encounter – Two per week x 3 weeks - MDs pose as SPs in the first 15 minutes )

  • 1st Tele-CS Encounter
    Base assessment of student on a case encounter & Personalized CS study plan based on weakness of the student (System1) - Blue sheet organization
  • 2nd Tele-CS Encounter
    CS Case practice encounter (System 2) - Check for errors from previous class – Rectify-Blue Sheet Analysis & Data Gathering
  • 3rd Tele-CS Encounter
    Data gathering efficiency check & rectification of errors (System3)- History, DDs, PE
  • 4th Tele-CS Encounter
    Patient Note typing demo by MDs focusing on time efficiency & high scoring strategies (System 4)- Prioritizing DDs, Workup, HPI, PE
  • 5th Tele-CS Encounter
    CS Case practice encounter (System 5)- CIS, SEP training Challenging Questions & perfecting the Integrated Clinical Skills-component. Student’s type live for a patient note scrutiny & evaluation. Check overall flow of encounter – Evaluation of quality content with add-on time efficiency tips
  • 6th Tele-CS Encounter
    CS Case practice encounter (System 6)- Checking final readiness for exam including patient note. All components evaluated for final approval for exam readiness of the student.


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Student's Review

Bumping into Target USMLE is like bumping into a goldmine. They're true to their words. If you apply yourself to the process, you will excel in any OSCE’s or Clinical Skills Exam. Thanks Target USMLE. YOU ROCK!!

- Lucci Anuniru

This resource along with the program and FA CS will ensure you not only pass, but also do really well. The concepts covered in all 3 sources ensures success. I starred in ICE because of Dr. June. Highly recommended.

- Amazon Customer

Choosing Target USMLE for Step2 CS preparation was the best decision I made Course is very well organized (by systems), and personalized with personal sessions

- Natasha Novakovic

Combined with personal one-on-one sessions over skype, this was exactly what I needed to systematically approach the test. Her method also gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done!

- R.T.