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TELE CS Mock Exam



    Target USMLE is about ‘Personalized Coaching’ which is exactly what it means – its personal! We get ‘YOU’ ready by working on your specific strengths/weakness. This does not come with a universal blanket ‘one size fits all’ approach. We understand a ‘Victory’ or ‘Failure’ is a very personal experience and not a routine classroom/batch experience with fellow students. Each of the following modules are very important for your success in the Step 2 CS exam. They are very carefully crafted modules to help you perform in a tense and stressful environment like the real CS exam. We cannot change anything about the clock ticking or the hundred questions- to- ask that will run in your mind or the few minutes you will get to decide what physical exam you can possibly do BUT we can help you prepare to face the 8 hour CS battle confidently. We do not assure a 100% passing guarantee which no training program can realistically assure because it depends on YOU- on how you perform from what you have learned. 100% confidence to face CS during our bootcamp – that’s our goal. Each of the training modules have been crafted from Dr Mary June’s personal experience and inputs from thousands of students who have trained under her. We are here to give you ‘Our Best’ from the experience gained over training a decade of successful students. The question is - Are YOU ready to give ‘Your Best”? With a 97% pass rate (including 2nd/3rd timers) we are confident we can help you shine at your best for CS and beyond in clinical practice!

GOAL FOR DAY 1: Student attains confidence in Focused Data Gathering & Time Efficiency

  • 2 Day Live Workshop, Practice and Assessment
  • What is expected in the Step 2 CS exam?
  • Learn from beginning to end how to go about a CS case (from scratch!)
  • How to kickstart all encounters?
  • Organization of the blue sheet outside the door
  • 4 secrets to ICE pass
  • How to crack the ICE component the first time?
  • What questions to ask in any given case?
  • How NOT to draw a blank?
  • Must Do's & Dont's in the CS exam
  • How to break the 15 minute encounter into 4 parts & set a mental timer?
  • The most forgotten but essential one liners to score higher in ICE
  • Summary & 6 Parts of a Closure – Practice individually
  • What Case Specific Focused questions to ask? – Practice
  • Challenging situations and questions that SPs ask (updated 2018 for CIS pass)
  • How to stay calm during the entire encounter – tips and tricks
  • Put what you learned into action under expert monitoring – to criticize you and correct your mistakes personally.
  • Our goal is to get YOU confident by the end of the Day 1 to master what we teach during our live bootcamp. You don’t leave until you have mastered it! (Neither do we!)


I. Physical Exam Training

Medical students are taught how to do physical exam during their clinical rotations and OSCE sessions in medschool. You are expected to know your PE but if you are not confident we understand. We have trained students across the globe, across many Universities in the USA and our experience tells us that the training is not uniform across board. That is why we go over the Physical exam in detail during our bootcamp. Not only demonstrate but allow you to practice so thoroughly to enable you perform effectively under 4 minutes!

  • General Examination
  • Cardiovascular Examination
  • Respiratiory Examination
  • Abdomen Exam
  • Joint Exam
  • Neurological Exam
  • HEENT Exam
  • Special tests

II. Patient Notes Training

Patient Note has been the challenge for many students in our experience. Many students who come to us after having failed ICE in their 1st, 2nd or even 3rd attempt thinking it was their patient note that was at fault. The truth is that if you don’t collect a good data gathering in the form of history and physical exam you actually cannot write an effective ‘ICE pass’ patient note. That’s is exactly why we focus on history taking and physical exam practice until the afternoon of the Day 2. Now that you have mastered both you are ready to learn what to type in patient notes and more importantly how to do it in 10 minutes. You will realize how easy it is to transition into patient note phase in no time after training in data gathering and know exactly what to type without being all over the place in your thought process.

  • Practice with standardized patients & type patient notes for individual cases
  • Refine your thought process as you type – Currently you maybe thinking you are unable to finish patient note in 10 minutes because your typing speed is slow but in fact it is perhaps your thinking speed is slow! Learn how to ace this caveat.
  • Live demo of what to type in a) History section b) PE section c) Diagnosis 1, 2, 3 ( History & PE) d) Workup
  • Learn tips and tricks for time savers to type PN in 10 minutes
  • Practice patient notes (self tests) – Get them corrected by experts



Goal for Day 3: Student learns to switch gears quickly to execute cases in a timed fashion- confidence to face the real exam!

    There is no point in doing a row of cases (6 or 12) unless you know how to perform each case correctly. That’s exactly what we focused on Day 1 and Day 2 of our bootcamp. Now that you are ready on how to rightly do one case to perfection from beginning to end, it is time to see if you can juggle many cases. It requires you to shift gears quickly, forget your mistakes from the last case you did and do your best and shift focus to an entirely different case of a different organ system. It’s time to put all the tips and tricks you learned (namely an organized blue sheet, focused data gathering and physical exam, refined thought process to breeze through patient notes) in the last 2 days of bootcamp into action in a series of cases of different systems. You get to experience how it is going to be on the real exam and are now better armed and confident that you know the right way to do it. Of course you are going to make some mistakes, sometimes run short of time but you will get a thorough review from Target USMLE experienced MD’s and SP’s so that you avoid them in the real exam.
  • Live Mock Exam with 6 Standardized Patients under supervision of MD –different organ systems , challenging situations to give you a broad perspective of what to expect in the real CS exam
  • Professional SP’s are trained to assess your performance and evaluate your SEP, CIS & PE and give personalized feedback so that you can correct yourself before you go for the real exam
  • Patient note typing after each encounter – 10 min
  • Review your patient note with experienced MD’s for data gathering critique & Patient note insights
  • Standardized Patients are professionally trained and experienced in assessing students
  • Experience the real exam – multiple cases in a row in a 15 min timed encounter
  • Individual case performance review report– ICE, CIS, SEP components - 6 cases
  • 6 Patient note correction personally by physicians

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