In Him I Trust



  • Your daily companion book to ensure 'Victory' on your USMLE journey
  • Open any page to start your day with a cup of coffee and 100% confidence
  • Learn tips and tricks to prepare the correct way, right from the start
  • Improve your score. Understand why do you get the answers wrong
  • Advice on when to use which USMLE resource and how
  • Efficient prep strategies to save time, money and energy
  • Teaches you when dejected how to be your own cheerleader
  • 20 years of experience and advice to ace USMLE in only 101 pages
  • The book will remind you why you chose to be a doctor in the first place
  • NOTE: Ebook will be available only from 24 May 2024. Available on Amazon Kindle prior. Email us if you have any queries
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For that 'ONE' Moment

Preparing for the USMLE is punctuated with many emotions, trials and by life itself, that unfolds in its own timeline alongside our USMLE study time table. Each exam-USMLE STEP1, STEP 2 CK, CBSE or CCSE is challenging. With the vast USMLE study material, it is hard to stay positive and productive. You are buried under First Aid for the USMLE or Kaplan, AMBOSS, UWORLD Qbanks, Sketchy or ANKI flash cards all day. 'Steps to Victory for USMLE' book is for that 'One moment' when you lift your head up to see the world around you, breathe in some fresh air and shoot an espresso of confidence from any page of the book. You are one step closer. Victory is yours!