In Him I Trust

Patient Note (PN)

Patient Note Correction

  • Case 1 Doorway information (random case) will be given by MDs
  • Present Case with MD tutor acting as your SP 1 – 15 min
  • Type Patient Notes for Case 1 - 10 min
  • MD tutor will be monitoring you live as you type online
  • MD tutor will criticize you on data gathering
  • MD tutor will time you and give valuable tips & tricks to save time for different sections
  • MD tutor will correct the Patient Note live on share screen
  • Similarly Case 2 and Case 3 will be presented and monitored with feedback
  • 15 min presentation + 10 min patient note typing + 35 minute review by MD = 1 hour per case
  • 2 hours total duration

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Dr Mary June & Target USMLE tutors are available most weekdays to offer you the best personal coaching to pass Step 2 CS the first time! Please pick a time slot from the calendar below that is convenient for you. If not sign up any available slot and contact support for rescheduling

Patient Note (PN) Booking Slot

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