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Step 1

Play Standard CS Encounter

If you are a beginner for CS Prep (or) you need to know how to present any standard case (general format) for Step 2 CS this step will take you through. This step will take you through all the MUST DO's ESSENTIALS for this exam, this module will take you through in 6 easy lectures. Few lectures are accompanied by the actual enacting of that lecture segment by doctor and patient encounter. When you have completed this module, you are confident to present a standard case for step 2 cs and ready to practice (student feedback).

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Step 2

Play System wise History Taking

This module is an add-on to step 1 standard history taking module. Even though you ask a set of standard questions for every case you need to ask some specific questions pertaining to each system. The lectures in Step 2 train you to take a FOCUSED history for each System ( system wise) eg. Cardiology, Respiratory, Abdomen, Joint, Gynaec, Nervous, system etc including paediatrics & pshchiatric case history. These questions are very crucial for passing the Data Gathering part of ICE for Step 2 CS.

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Step 3

Play Physical Exam Videos

This module shows videos of the doctor performing a focused Physical Exam for each system in ~ 4 minutes. It includes PE for cardio, respiratory, abdomen, joint (knee), HEENT and Neuro. These are pretty much the systems you will have to examine in the CS exam since you are not allowed to do breast/genito urinary/pelvic/rectal exam. The system wise exam also includes the associated systems that you are likely to examine for the case at hand within the~ 4 minutes time frame. The module shows you how to manage time, build rapport and address sample challenging questions. It negates the need to go to a live center just to learn how to do PE. Just watch & play on a partner. Helps pass ICE and CIS component of the Step 2 CS exam.

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Step 4

Play Differential Diagnosis

This module allows you to apply your medical knowledge to suit the Step 2 CS tesrting format. It is of utmost importance to organize your knowledge to a pattern of thinking not only while interviewing the patient but also writing the patient notes. This easy interactive tables allows you to check whether you are able to think quickly and convert the theoretical knowledge into a practical execution formula. When you work on this module you will be able ace the History and PE column of the new patient note format in the Diagnostic Interpretation section! This is the first updated resource to our knowledge to help students study according to the new patient note format (changed in June 2012). Helps pass ICE (both data gathering and patient note)

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Step 5

Play Full 15 min Encounter

This module has 10 (ten) Full 15-minute Encounters of different systems a) Cardio b) Respiratory c) Obs/Gyn (2 cases) d) Abdomen e) Nervous f) HEENT g) Joint h) Psychiatry i) Paediatrics . Having gone through Modules 1-4, it is time to see how to put it all together in a 15 min time constrained manner! Enacted with American SPs in a Step 2 CS simulated environment (medical equipment use, patient table adjustments, good CIS, challenging Questions & situations etc ), it gives you a good idea of all 3 components needed to pass the exam - CIS skills, ICE & SEP. Students find this module very useful to put things in perspective within a 15 min time frame.

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Step 6

Play Patient Notes (PN)

This module has lectures on essentials of each section of the PN (HPI, PE, DD, Diagnostic Work up), what goes into each section, the pertinent positives and negatives and has lots of tips on managing the time without compromising on recording all the information you gathered orally on the computer. You will find many samples of ideal PNs and corrected PNs of previous students (system wise) of the common mistakes that students make in the step 2 CS exam. The diagnostic work up for each diagnosis under each system is also given in a tabular column. This module helps pass ICE, both data gathering and patient notes of the step 2 CS exam.

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