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step 2 CS Online Review course

Step 2 cs patient note

The first question is whether you need to do a step 2 CS online review course to get through USMLE STEP 2 CS exam. Secondly, how useful it is do the Step 2 CS review course online?

To answer these questions we need to know more about the background of the student starting his/her prep for the Step 2 CS exam. AMG's (American medical graduates) have been trained for this kind of exam in their medical school itself and may not warrant a step 2 cs online review course. They have been already tuned to this method of training during their clinical clerkships and are well versed with many aspects of the exam mainly the CIS and SEP part. Even these students who trained in the USA have shown a steady increase in failure rate in the step 2 CS mainly because of a fail in the ICE component. To pass the ICE component one might need a personal tutor who can assess YOU during a step 2 CS online review course which will be uniquely tailored to assessing your performance during case presentation. This is very critical. Compared to a class room setting with many students the individualized one on one step 2 cs online review course helps identify your flaws and correct them before you appear for the USMLE step 2 CS exam.

For the International medial graduate (IMG) who has no exposure to the 'American' way of seeing patients it is even more important to do a Step 2 CS online training course. Not only does the personalized step 2 cs online review course help you to learn the art of communicating with the patient, building a rapport at the same time but also get assessed by an expert who can comment on the ICE, CIS and SEP components. The tutor during the step 2 CS online review course from Target USMLE will also help you to exhibit your medical knowledge in collecting relevant data on the real exam in the 15 minutes time period.

There are great advantages to the step 2 CS Online review course. First of all you can do it from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connected device with an ear phone and a mike. Video conference during the step 2 cs online review course is preferred as our tutors can catch a lot mistakes by watching your actions or inactions thereof. Secondly you need not spend a ton of money on travel to and fro to live coaching classes other than accommodation at expensive hotels. Choose to the do the step 2 CS online review course from the comfort of your home in whichever country you reside. Many of our students are full time working physicians with very busy schedules in the native countries. They can prepare for the exam by doing the step 2 CS online review course without taking unwanted absence from work. Focus 1 hour on CS every day when they get back from work and practice with other study partners.

Doing the step 2 CS review course sets up the right stage for practice that follows the coaching program. To start practicing cases, don't you think you need a right strategy to approach - how to organize your head and what are the do's and don'ts for the exam? So many students who don't have partners also use the step 2 cs online review course for practice because our tutors act as Standardized patients for 15 mins and then critique them on their mistakes. The Step 2 CS online review course is both a practice and a learning tool!