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Step 2 CS Mnemonics

Step 2 cs patient note

Mnemonics - You love them or you hate them? Step 2 CS mnemonics actually help if you use them for the right reasons. USMLE Step 2 CS exam is unique in that there is very little time for you to think during the exam. Hence especially for Step 2 cs, mnemonics help.

Some students are just spontaneous with their questions without step 2 CS mnemonics. There are many who, when they are taught step 2 cs mnemonics in our courses say that they are not a 'mnemonics' person. Finally the very same people find the usmle step cs mnemonics very useful in the real exam. Step 2 CS mnemonics help you to be on automatic mode during the exam. Step 2 CS mnemonics help you save time during the USMLE Step 2 CS exam. At Target USMLE our course material and training includes some real time saving tips via Usmle Step 2 CS mnemonics. These step 2 CS mnemonics helps you breeze through the initial 15 min of the encounter without thinking much or pausing much in front of the standardized patient.

One of the popular ones among the step 2 cs mnemonics is LIQORAA. Location, Intensity, Quality, Onset, Radiation, Aggravating, Alleviating and Associated symptoms for questioning regarding pain. Another step 2 CS Mnemonics is ABCO for any secretory symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, phlegm associated with cough and vaginal discharge. This step 2 CS Mnemonics stands for Amount, Blood (presence or absence), Color, Consistency, Content and Odor. Step 2 CS mnemonics like these can be very useful for generating a list of 5-10 questions quickly without having to mull over it too much. This saves time in the real exam!

Some students have step 2 CS mnemonics for each case/symptom. Having too many step 2 cs mnemonics kind of beats the whole purpose because it gets harder for the brain to remember too many things for a single alphabet. Well if you are good at it, then go for it! Otherwise using step 2 cs mnemonics only for things that repeat in most cases would be a good idea. It is not only creating usmle step 2 cs mnemonics that is important but practicing it a couple of times with your study partners can be of immense value to be on automatic mode for the real exam. Good luck!