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TELE CS Mock Exam

why take a CS mock exam before the real exam?
To know
  • If you can present a case that will get a PASS on the Real CS exam
  • If your patient note meets the standard.
  • If all the questions you ask is relevant for the case at hand
  • If the list of Physical Exams meets the requirement for a focused exam
  • Where did you lose most of your precious time in the clinical encounter?
  • How well do you perform on your communication and interpersonal skills
  • If your English is understandable by standardized patient
Be smart enough to catch your errors BEFORE the exam!


MOCK - 1 CASE /~45 mins
$125 $99
MOCK - 3 CASES /2 hrs *Most popular
$295 $225
MOCK - 6 CASES /4 hrs

3 case presentations non stop like real exam

  • MDs give a random case from any system as doorway information
  • Student presents case for 15 mins timed
  • Student types Patient Notes for 10 mins under monitoring by MD tutor
  • Immediately Case 2 and Case 3 encounters follow timed
  • Personalized feedback at the end of the 3 cases on History taking (data gathering), PE, CIS SEP & timing in different sections
  • Online live patient note correction for 3 cases with oral feedback
  • Discussion of prioritizing DDs , appropriate Workup, HPI and Focused PE write up
  • Time saving tips and what to do when you run out of time - the essentials
  • Must do ‘s and don’t’s

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