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Just Started

  • I have got my CS book
  • Is there an effective way to prepare for CS in a short time?
  • I am not sure how to integrate studies with SP practice


  • Meet with CS expert counsellor - 30 Minutes
  • Get personalized CS study plan
  • FAQs on Step 2 CS
  • Get access to useful resources



  • I have partly read CS book & practised some cases
  • I am missing questions in every case practice – no organized approach to case
  • I am not finishing encounter on time


  • Present a case 15 minutes
  • Review 10 minutes for data gathering, SEP & CIS
  • Tips to improve on weak components


Near Exam

  • I have finished my book – revising & practicing now
  • Will each of my Patient Note pass?
  • I am unable to type within 10 minutes

Good to Go

  • Type a patient note in 10 minutes
  • PN correction by MDs for ICE pass
  • Personalized advice to improve patient note


Why should I sign up?

  • Target USMLE has 97% pass rates
  • Experience of 10 years training students across the globe
  • Tells you if YOU are ready for CS before the exam
  • Its free!!!
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